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" A Right Place for Seniors Advisor assigned to me was a wonderful person to work with. She is very kind and extremely helpful. I am very thankful to the efforts in finding the right place for my mother." - M.R. Kung

"ARP4S did a wonderful job for me and my Mom. I can call them anytime and they were ready to help. We are now admitted in a memory care facility and I'm sure it will work out for our entire family. You guys were really terrific and I'm so grateful for your help." - Reena

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Helpful Tips, Articles, News
January 8, 2015 By: rightplaceforseniors2014
Finding Activities to Maintain Motor Skills!

Activities involving movement can be such an important piece of keeping our elderly loved ones happy and healthy. Certain things such as knitting or crocheting allow seniors to maintain motor skills. Staying active, even in small ways such as moving … Continue reading

December 20, 2014 By: rightplaceforseniors2014
Trimming Back and Staying Healthy During the Holidays!

We all know the holidays can be full of sweets, huge portions, left-overs…and then more  left-overs! It’s important to keep in mind that your health and well being won’t be put on hold, especially for seniors. Web MD put out … Continue reading

December 15, 2014 By: rightplaceforseniors2014
Fighting the Winter’s Cold!

In California, we’re lucky to have a shorter lived winter season than many other places but it’s still important for senior’s to take precautions and stay warm! We want you to stay warm and toasty, save money and stay healthy … Continue reading